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On a mission to make everyone happy:
both companies and users.

Hello, I'm François Simitchiev, a passionate Web & Product Designer currently working at Captain Contrat, a 🇫🇷 legaltech.

Selected projects ↴

La Fourche

Optimizing the payment process

Project Management User Research
Benchmark Ideation / UI Design
Prototyping User Tests


Making usage limits more transparent

User Journey Maps User Interviews
Benchmark Ideation / UI Design
Prototyping User Tests


Optimizing ad compliance

Benchmark Ideation / UI Design
Prototyping User Tests

Webdesign projects

A selection of websites I designed and developed as a freelancer

Responsive Web Design Front-end Development
Project Management Training / Consulting

About me ↴

Before I unroll my resume, I would like to share what people often say about me:
I am a passionate detail-oriented hard-working team player. What I can bring to my team is above all the willingness to learn, to share and build together. And this, always with a lot of energy and positivity.

I am a Product Designer with a 5-year background as a freelance Web Designer and Front-end Developer. What motivates me is to contribute to projects that make sense and have a positive impact on the daily lives of users.

Over these years as a freelancer, I gained autonomy, rigor and developed my ability to self-train and evolve. I am now excited to join a team to which I can bring my expertise, creativity and team spirit and I know I will also learn from other talents. I deeply thank my exceptional mentors of The Design Crew (Paris) with whom I was able to acquire solid skills as part of a training program in Product Design.

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  • Some side projects I'm proud of:
  • Blue Birds – Composing the original soundtrack for a documentary (to be released in 2022)
  • A Transient State – Ambient electroacoustic duet (first album to be released soon!)
  • Solo Works Volume I – 5 neoaclassical/ambient pieces for solo double bass (follow me on Spotify!)
  • You got it, I also make music – Check my works here.

Photo of me