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Hello! I am a French musician & composer. Classically trained double bass player, I navigate from contemporary - minimalist – neoclassical to ambient and electronic music. I compose for film, advertising, dance, theater, exhibitions, or multimedia projects. Recently I had the pleasure of joining the team of composers at Sonic Culture (MTV, Viacom). If you want to use one of the tracks presented on this website or if you need a custom-made music for your project, please get in touch!

François Simitchiev, a double bassist trained at the classical school, explores the pathways between neoclassical, minimalist, ambient and electronic music. He composes pieces in which he experiments with the sound of the double bass, the fusion of technology and the organic.

Between January and July 2020, he self-produced, composed, recorded and released the first 5 pieces of his solo project. His work of neoclassical and minimalist inspiration is brought to life through certain effects (reverb, distortion). However, François Simitchiev crafted his music so it can be played without the use of a looper. His approach is to get the most out of the instrument live, and to strip down his music, allowing great freedom of interpretation and improvisation with each performance.

This series of pieces for solo double bass includes «About Life, Time and Emergency» (self-production, January 2020), «New Beginnings» (self-production, April 2020), «Inner Storm» (self-production, May 2020) and «Lament» (self-production, July 2020). They are grouped together in the EP "Solo Works Vol I", released in July 2020.

More singles are expected for 2020, as well as a series of concerts for 2021.

François Simitchiev is also half of ambient electroacoustic duet
A Transient State, who will release their first album « Journey » in 2020 in a limited audio K7 edition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day, as well as on CD (self-produced) and digital at Splinter Records.

In 2020 A Transient State also composed the soundtrack for the play « Je me suis assise et j'ai gobé le temps » written by Laurent Cazanave & performed by the Parisian company La Passée.

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"Blue Birds" (work in progress)

Written & directed by Fanny Molins
Produced by Solab Pictures

Blue Birds is an intimate exploration of the dreams of bar patrons. It is halfway between the realism of documentary scenes and the surreal dreamlike quality of fictional scenes where the dreams of the characters are interpreted. The tone is poetic and tragi-comic. Fanny approached me for the composition of the soundtrack, whose role will be to underline those contrasts, and the dichotomy between dreams and real life.

Blue Birds by Fanny Molins

"Mnémos'Arts" (2020)

Project by Cyril Devès
3D animation by David Pelletier

Mnémos'Arts offers cycles of conferences, courses, internships and more intimate encounters around the History of Art.

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"Je me suis assise et j'ai gobé le temps" (2020)

Written by Laurent Cazanave
Music by A Transient State (Jason Del Campo & François Simitchiev).
More info here

This immersive play questions everyone's relationship with the family, and brings to light the unsaid. Taking place during a family lunch, the senses will be stimulated by the presence of a cook on the set, as well as by the sound and music for which Jason Del Campo and I have been approached.

Je me suis assiste et j'ai gobé le temps - Laurent Cazanave
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A Transient State – "Journey" (2020).

A Transient State is an acoustic ambient duet founded by guitarist Jason Del Campo and bassist François Simitchiev.
Visit A Transient State's official website

Journey by A Transient State
A Transient State · Diurne
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