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Hello, I'm François Simitchiev 👋🏻 a Product Designer currently working at Captain Contrat, a 🇫🇷 legaltech that allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to manage their legal needs online.

My story & path
I started my professional life as a musician. I stayed in this field for about 5-6 years before I realised that something was missing. But what? Spending hours and hours tinkering with images and websites like when I was a teenager. Definitely.

So in 2016 I attended a Developer Boot Camp and three months later I started designing and developing websites as a freelancer. Since that day I have never stopped watching and self-training and my passion has never stopped growing.

Between 2016 and 2020 my different projects allowed me to understand that beyond creating beautiful designs – and it was far from always the case! – I was more and more attracted to understanding users, their behaviours and their psychology, in order to be able to design effective and pleasant experiences.

Most importantly, I realised that what excited me most was finding meaning in my work and feeling useful.

That's why in 2020 I took a new step by diving deeper into UX Design. In 2021 I participated in a Product Design training with the fantastic mentors of The Design Crew. A training that, in addition to giving me a lot of knowledge and practice through concrete cases, confirmed that I was well at my place in this field!

In july 2021, I joined Captain Contrat for a 6 months internship as a junior Product Designer. There I'm helping great people to improve a great product that solves real problems and meets real needs.